In 2009 I took the challenge to homeschool my two wonderful children. It has been 11 years of an amazing journey and an educational experience for all of us.

Before homeschooling I worked for a multinational telecommunications and data networking company as an Account Manager to large corporations including Verizon and AT&T. I took a break from the business world to raise my two children and 5 years later we embarked on our homeschooling journey.

My interest in health and positive psychology started when my kids were younger. At that time, my hobby was reading. I enjoyed reading and learning about parenting, psychology, and personal development. Back then, I did not know that I was actually learning about positive psychology. Later, I turned my focus to whole foods  and natural remedies. I was looking for natural ways of caring for my kids’ health who at that time suffered from digestive issues, in addition to that, my son had asthma, and my daughter had anxiety. This led me to change our diet, seek alternative treatments, use natural medicine, and we all experienced positive results including correcting health issues, and for me, increased energy, a clearer mind, and healthier ways to handle stress.

My career change

Becoming a mom, homeschooling my children, and starting a new career have taught me many things about myself. A few of these things are that there is always room for improvement and that we are all capable of achieving a goal when we set our minds to accomplish something. With my children being independent learners, I decided to embark in a new challenge and bring all my interests together and start a new career.

Searching for something that I could use my experience and skills in, I went back to school to get certified as an educator. I wanted to help other homeschool families by guiding them through their homeschool journey. My interest in health and wellness also lead me to learn about integrative nutrition and the science of happiness so the next year I became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the year after I obtained my certification as a Positive Psychology Coach. The coaching experience and practice that  I received during my course of study, made me realize that helping others navigate through changes and create a life that brings them health, wellness, joy, and happiness is what I wanted to do.. 

My training

I have a Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science and am a Certified Professional Educator. 

My training in Positive Psychology includes extensive coursework in Positive Psychology research, evidence-based coaching methods, and intensive practice using a wide range of coaching skills. 

My training in health coaching includes key nutrition concepts,  over 100 dietary theories, and the latest in nutrition science taught by over 85 experts in health and wellness including: Joshua Rosenthal; Mehmet Oz, MD; William Davis, MD;  Daniel Amen, MD; and many more.

  • Certified Positive Psychology Coach, Wholebeing Institute
  • Certified International Health Coach, International Association for Health Coaches 
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Duke Integrative Medicine
  • 55-hour Aerial Yoga Teaching Certification, Elevate Yoga Center


"Gina helped me get moving on a project that I had procrastinated on for many months. With her guidance, I was able to find my “why” for doing the project and that lit a spark. Over a few sessions, I was able to create a strategy for this goal (and some other life goals) and take steps to keep moving forward. The “dream” of doing this project is now a reality. I can’t thank her enough. Gina is an amazing listener and a wiz at helping you identify your strengths—and then use them to reach your goals. If you have a chance to work with her, take it! She’s a treasure."

Kathryn Dillon

"Through our weekly sessions, Gina helped me see possibilities that I had not seen before and they served me a lot to achieve the goals that I had set for myself. Gina is a very professional person with a very positive and motivating attitude. She helped me see my strengths and how to use them in the progress and achievement of my goals. I was very happy and satisfied with her coaching, I achieved many things thanks to her dedication and knowledge."

Claudia P.

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